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Bluestone Chiropractic’s state-licensed practitioners offer expert care to North Phoenix, AZ residents, specializing in treating patients who have suffered back and neck trauma from falls, car accidents, workplace mishaps, or other personal injuries. Bluestone’s experienced health professionals also have a high success rate in alleviating other common chiropractic conditions because we don’t simply look to provide short-term relief; we will identify the underlying problem and develop a treatment to correct the cause.

Bluestone Chiropractic Group is a conveniently located, multidisciplinary practice where you’ll be treated by a caring staff utilizing state-of-the-art chiropractic equipment and technology and dedicated to helping you achieve better health through the principles of wellness care and services that include neurological and orthopedic testing for diagnostic purposes; physical therapy for the muscles and other soft tissues injuries; specific chiropractic adjustments using the technique that best suits your needs; and rehabilitation and exercise for optimal mobility.


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“For twenty years I have had back pain. I had been to see a neurosurgeon and nothing they could do seemed to help. I was referred to Dr. Leibmann’s office by a friend who thought he could help me. Chiropractic care has really kept the pain down. I am now on a maintenance program.”

Rich Morford


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